My First Job.

When I was a teen, my first real job was as the door guy at a discount movie theatre. The parking lot had the highest crime rate in BC. There were break-ins every weekend.

I had a stupidly confrontational position, where even though i was like 16, i had to kick out drunk assholes, and middle-agers I caught fucking between the seats in the theaters. Β The only reason I didn’t quit is because I wasn’t experienced enough to know it was a terrible job.

The experiences I had there were almost fake sounding. There was a dead body in the dumpster once. I assume he was homeless and he’d just expired in there while sleeping. A guy hid in the roof panels for a few nights spying on me and my 18 year old female manager. A woman use to come in all the time and sing show-tunes to me and my co-workers to try and help her ‘get into the pictures’.

For some reason the story that sticks out in my mind is one where this 40-something year old woman was inline to buy popcorn, and I noticed she was bleeding profusely down her leg. She didn’t even notice. I brought her some napkins and a band-aid, and she was horrified to realize she’d fucked up her shoes with blood. She went super white and had to lay down. Let me explain:

The cinema’s had old, metal chairs, that groups of shit-head teen boys would choreograph a sort of group stomp down on, leaving the frames of some of the chairs totally mangled, and occasionally, lethal. That’s what happened here, this lady ran her leg along a serrated edge of a chair, and it cut her so clean, she didn’t even notice it. wow.

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